Office building door fitted with a black lever handle

Architecture in miniature

Range 270

Range 270

Designed by an architect

Hadi Teherani is not only an architect and creator of visionary buildings such as the Hamburg Dockland or Frankfurt's long-distance train station.

He is also a holistic designer who knows how to charge a room with atmosphere by combining the disciplines of architecture and design into a harmonious overall picture. As versatile as his building and interior projects are his awards with renowned architecture and design prizes.

The range 270 he designed is architecture in miniature. The geometrical language of forms refers to the architecture he designed. The clear lines create an ergonomic shape, while fine details such as the joint between the handle attachment and the handle are in perfect balance with the greatly reduced mini rosette.

Range 270 translates the radius of the handle extension into the surface of the handle. This makes the design more complex. Nevertheless, the form is captivating due to its clear design. The surrounding edge gives the handle a high degree of precision and value. Matt polished stainless steel underlines the timeless design and emphasizes the architectural claim.

In the object

Series 270 comprises a complete range of fittings for buildings in accordance with DIN EN 1906 and DIN 18255, supplemented by fittings for fire doors (DIN EN 18273) and escape routes in accordance with DIN EN 179. All models are designed in the tried-and-tested H-technology and comply with usage category 4 in accordance with DIN EN 1906. Series 270 fittings are thus designed for frequent use in medium to highly frequented buildings. The associated framed door fittings also comply with the applicable DGUV guidelines.



The Range 270 window handles from HEWI complete the lever handle range and enable a uniform design from the door to the window. They blend perfectly into private and public rooms and look particularly harmonious in combination with the 270 lever handles.


Hadi Teherani on Range 270

His holistic approach to design has repeatedly led him to cross boundaries. For Hadi Teherani, city, architecture, interior design and product design are interwoven. The link between the disciplines is particularly evident in product design. Range 270, for example, is characterised by architectural grace. In an interview Hadi Teherani explains what makes his work stand out.

HEWI: HEWI is a company rich in tradition. 90 years ago Heinrich Wilke founded the company, which is still owned by the family today. What do you associate with HEWI?

Hadi Teherani: HEWI as a brand and also HEWI products stand for architects in a range of design icons such as the Stelton EM77 jug, Vola fittings or also Thonet's coffee house chair 214. There are very few design products that are so iconographic that they have influenced the architectural style.

HEWI: With System 111, HEWI has created a design classic. Was it a challenge for you to develop a new range of fittings?

Hadi Teherani: The challenge in working with a company like HEWI, which is characterized by a strong design classic, is to achieve further development while leaving the company's DNA untouched. This challenge has attracted us! We have dealt intensively with HEWI and analysed exactly what constitutes the company's DNA in order to develop a product that not only continues HEWI's history but also transports it into the present.

In order to be able to develop something really new, you must therefore understand the brand's DNA. Such a strong fire creates a field of tension, because you might not be able to avoid the classic System 111. We believe we have made this leap with the 270 range: we have developed a design that is fit for the future. It embodies the HEWI brand without being arrested in the past.

HEWI: How did Range 270 come about?

Hadi Teherani: Our task was to develop a lever handle based on the greatly reduced mini rosette developed by HEWI. The new design should be in perfect proportion to this new, very compressed fastening technology. Initially, we intensively dealt with the HEWI classic System 111, among other things. What System 111 and Range 270 have in common is that the lever handle attachment stands out from the door leaf as a round tube element. On the 111 the tube bends and becomes a handle.

With Range 270, on the other hand, we translate the radius of the handle attachment into the surface of the handle. This makes the design more complex. Nevertheless, the form is convincing with its clear design. The surrounding edge gives the handle a high degree of precision and value. Range 270 made of stainless steel is modular, i.e. it can be expanded to form a larger product family and offers further possibilities for individualisation. This makes the 270 very versatile - it can be integrated into practically any room and architecture.

HEWI: What makes Range 270 stand out?

Hadi Teherani: The proportions of the lever handle have been matched to the shape of the mini rosette so that design and technology are in perfect balance. Range 270 is characterised by clear lines in combination with a shape that is easy to hold. Fine details such as the joint between the handle attachment and the handle and the inclusion of the radius of the handle attachment create a harmonious overall picture with the mini rosette and give Range 270 its own unique character. In addition, Range 270 offers potential for expanding a larger product family.

HEWI: How does the design of a building differ from the creation of a product? Are there parallels in the creative process?

Hadi Teherani: The design of a large building is naturally subject to greater complexity. But the solution finding is similar in architecture and product design: the design must be worked through in the different areas of the building or product family. Depending on the task, this can be a longer process - designing the Silverchair office chair for Interstuhl, for example, took just as much time as developing the Dockland office building. The maxim "form follows function" applies to us both in product design and architecture.

We attach great importance to ensuring that the result has a certain added value in both disciplines. Only in this way does the work, be it building or product, stand out and differentiate itself.

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Range 270

The new HEWI range of fittings is the perfect result of design, technology and quality. The fastening technology meets the requirements of user category 4 in accordance with DIN 1906 and is suitable for both private areas and heavily frequented office and commercial buildings. With the special edition in black matt, Range 270 is an elegant style icon on the door and creates an individual aesthetic.

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