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System 111

System 111

The classic

HEWI's design language is completely in keeping with the Bauhaus design maxim. Contemporary and timeless design, a formal language reduced to the essentials and the conscious use of colour closely link System 111 with the Bauhaus. The Bauhaus was the avant-garde at that time. The Bauhaus myth stands for vision and free spirit. The maxim "Art and technology - a new unity" summarises the philosophy of the Bauhaus. It thus initiated a paradigm shift in the design process. Instead of artistic uniqueness, the design of well-designed everyday products, which are industrially manufactured, takes over. This reduces architecture and product design to form and usability without art theoretical digressions. 

Initially influenced by Expressionism and the De Stijl movement, Bauhaus designers and architects sought new techniques and forms. Designing products from the material, questioning the established, getting involved with new production methods and materials describes not only the philosophy of Bauhaus, but also HEWI's approach. In 1969 Rudolf Wilke designed System 111. Brilliant colours, high-gloss surfaces and patented hardware technologies as well as unsurpassed durable quality have made System 111 a design icon. Even 55 years after its creation, the 111 enriches our everyday life. Every day anew you have a piece of architectural history in your hand with our classic.

White hallway door fitted with a lever handle in the colour may green

The recognisable difference

System 111 | The original

The design language of System 111 is puristic and timeless. This gives System 111 its versatility. System 111 is a design icon that we still encounter in everyday life 55 years after its creation. It is therefore not surprising that System 111 has been copied many times. Freely adapted from Oskar Wilde, imitation is the highest form of recognition.

The HEWI lettering is embossed in the end of the original lever handle facing the door leaf. This can be easily felt with the fingertip. By the way, the number under the lettering stands for the diameter of the door handle.

Lever handle in the colour ruby red

The connoisseur can feel the difference: the steel core inside gives the lever handle the necessary stability. Precise manufacturing enables flawless surfaces. There is no doubt that authenticity can be determined by a hidden detail. 

Lever handle in the colour black matt made of polyamide with brass rosette surround


Variety of materials

Matt ground stainless steel lends System 111 a classic appearance. HEWI celebrated its 55th anniversary with a re-edition. Finely coordinated colours and a matt surface prove how contemporary System 111 is. System 111 is available in the matt edition with two different fastening techniques - with mini rosette and with flat rosette in bicolour design. The reinterpretation is a true hand flatterer and promises haptic pleasure.

Minimalist lever handle in the colour black matt made of polyamide

System 111 as a matt edition creates an exciting contrast between objectivity and sensuality. Perfect deep black, rich white or restrained anthracite grey underline the matt surface of the polyamide lever handle. With a matt surface, the metal rose picks up the surface of the polyamide lever handle. A skilful accent is set by the rosette in high gloss finish. Metal tones in copper, brass, black chrome or stainless steel create a harmonious overall picture with handles.

product details

System 111

System 111 has become a true classic in architecture. The design language is restrained, almost timeless and therefore versatile. It is not without reason that System 111 has become a design icon that is still omnipresent 55 years after its creation.

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