Accessible architectural system

System 900


Innovations for accessible bathrooms

System 900 is the answer to the complex requirements of barrier-free bathrooms. Right down to the smallest details System 900 products are well thought-out in terms of their functionality, durability, quality, smart installation technology and hygienic design. System 900 meets the requirements of a wide variety of building types and user groups - whether in hospitals or retirement homes, public buildings, hotels and even homes.

S 900 Q

New design variant

As of this year, the S 900 Q design variant expands the System 900 and sets modern accents with a square design language. Available in stainless steel, chrome and powder-coated in white, black and gray, the new accessories can be combined with all System 900 products for a consistent design.


Consistent design

The products are well thought out down to the smallest detail and, in addition to durable quality, simple installation technology and hygienic design, also impress with functional details such as a shelf on the toilet paper holder. The design variant meets the requirements for public buildings, hotels, as well as the private bathroom. It is also suitable for various applications in healthcare buildings.

Choose you Own Colour!

New design options

Colour offers numerous possibilities for designing rooms. It's a great way to make expressive statements. You can now design many products from System 900 in the colour of your choice, including hinged support rails or dispensers. It is also possible to choose one of HEWI's favourite colours. This creates unique colour concepts that give every room an individual touch and create a personal recognition value. Discover our exciting colour worlds now!

System 900 in matt black

In addition to a wide range of colours, we also offer System 900 in a classic black matt finish. The black surface has a noble effect and sets accents. With matt black, you emphasise the individuality of a room.

System 900 in white matt

In white matt, System 900 really comes into its own in any room. The colour has a calming effect and not only provides more inspiration in the private home, but also looks extremely harmonious in a hotel room.




New: Intergenerational shower comfort in 25 mm and 32 mm

Magnetic shower holder

The new, patented magnetic shower holder from HEWI is not only user-friendly but also safe and easy to clean. As an expert in accessible sanitary solutions, HEWI continuously develops products that increase ease of use for all people, provide more safety, and make a difference in terms of hygiene and ease of cleaning. The magnetic shower holder is the perfect example of this.

It is available in stainless steel, chrome, and powder-coated in white, black, and grey and is one of the accessible solutions of the System 900. It features simplified handling and is suitable for all people, especially for users with physical disabilities. Thanks to its magnetic function, it can be easily adjusted in height and does not require any push buttons or knobs. It also has a continuously rotatable cone holder. This means that it can be used completely without effort and with motor restrictions. Wet hands do not cause any problems because the novel magnetic principle has replaced the traditional clamping mechanism. This means that there are virtually no mechanical forces acting on the product. Wear and tear are thus reduced to a minimum. The shower rails, angle handles and shower handrails with magnetic shower holder from System 900 are now available in a diameter of either 25 mm or 32 mm.

Making the Universal Design concept tangible - the HEWI explanatory film shows this using the intuitive magnetic shower head holder. Watch now.


A secure hold

Safety, independence and comfortable use are crucial factors in Professional Care. HEWI’s System 900 is designed to support people with limited mobility. There is a variety of shower seats which allows for a custom-fitted solution. Fixed shower seats, suspended seats or mobile solutions are also available. They can be folded back onto the wall to save space. The hanging seat is particularly light, weighing less than 9 kg which means it is easy to carry without much effort.

Integrated functions

Due to the integration of functions, product surfaces with fewer joint can be created. This means the surfaces are more hygienic but also particularly easy to clean. On the hinged support rail for example, the flushing mechanism and the function button are both flush-mounted.


A pleasant, non-slip surface as well as a slightly moulded seat makes for a comfortable and safe feeling when sitting.


Mobile shower seats and hinged support rails

With HEWI’s mobile shower seats and hinged support rails, every bathroom can be individually designed. The sanitary room can be flexibly adapted and equipped with mobile solutions to suit the needs and personal abilities of the user.

And of course, they offer the same functionality as permanently installed shower seats or hinged support rails: they can be folded against the wall to save space and they bear the same loads. The mobile shower seat is available in two sizes. The mobile hinged support rail is available in either a mono or duo version. The optional elements integrated into the hinged support rail, WC paper holder and flushing mechanism, offer additional comfort.

The mobile solutions are particularly easy to assemble and just as easy to disassemble. Thanks to tool-free assembly, they can be fitted in a few simple steps when required. To do this, the mobile solution simply snaps into a permanently installed mounting plate and is secured with a screw. If support is no longer required, the shower seat or hinged support rail can be easily removed by loosening the screw. The mounting plate is then concealed behind a discreet cover.


A coherent overall concept

HEWI’s System 900 can offer a coherent overall concept for either a high-quality hotel bathroom or within your own four walls. In fact the System 900 concept has an impressively wide variety of application areas within an equally wide range of property types. Countless awards demonstrate that HEWI’s System 900 is the answer to the complex requirements of accessible bathrooms. The sophistication of a concept is evident in the planning details, and System 900 combines functionality and excellent design with durable, sustainable quality, clearly creating immense added value.

And now, new accessories complement the range. For example, practical toilet paper holders with lids or trays, new towel holders or toilet brush sets are available to match the entire System 900 concept in stainless steel, chrome and powder-coated versions, in white, grey tones and black.

New in the range

HEWI make complete and universal bathroom fittings which enable solutions from a single source. These useful accessories can be combined with all HEWI sanitary systems. There is a choice of high-gloss chrome surfaces and deep matt black.

System 900

Clever technology

HEWI’s System 900 is also the answer to the often convoluted and complex requirements of accessible bathrooms in the Professional Care sector. With our expert knowledge, we actively support architects, planners and specialist tradesmen in the design of accessible bathrooms. The functional objectives of HEWI’s System 900 is to support the independence and well-being of patients in the best possible way. Hygienic surfaces make cleaning easier and reduces the burden on caregivers.

Hygienic sealing element

Sometimes when walls are uneven, the fixing rose is often not completely flush with the wall. With the sealing element which meets the DIN 18534 standard, a fast, easily implemented and reliable seal is now available. It can be used with the wall brackets of the hinged support rails and shower seats as well as the fixing roses of the hand rails and rail systems. These products are designed so that water does not collect on their surfaces and can easily drain off. The sealing elements are included as standard with HEWI’s System 900.

Easy cleaning

Hygiene is a decisive factor in the Professional Care sector. HEWI’s System 900 products are made of as few components as possible. His means there are an extremely small number of joints. Due to a particularly precise manufacturing process, components can be joined together so that the surface is as smooth and hygienic as possible.

Reliable quality

Durable, reliable quality is not only evident in the materials, it can also be seen in the technical details. The System 900 hinged support rails have a maintenance-free brake mechanism that dampens the rail as it lowers (the rail gently lowers automatically from an angle of more than 45°; at an angle of less than 45°, it will remain in any position). A precisely defined stop prevents the hinged support rail from hitting the wall.

Simplified assembly thanks to a plug and snap-in connection

The rail systems and shower grab rails from HEWI’s System 900 are hugely impressive with their clever, remarkably simple installation technique. Instead of the usual four fastening points, only three roses are required. This considerably increases the speed of installation. In addition, the new fastening technology makes it possible to compensate for an angle tolerance in the corner of the room of up to +/- 2°.


Customised solutions

In existing bathrooms it is often problematic to achieve an optimum solution with standard products. Projections in the wall, small floor plans or an unfavourable room layout require individual planning and products that are made to measure. System 900 offers tailor-made support and rod systems that fit exactly into the structural conditions. The custom-made products are available in quantities of one.

Surface variety

For more design freedom


product details

System 900

System 900 offers sophisticated design and enables standard-compliant design without compromise. System 900 also complies internationally with SIA and ÖNORM, ADA, British Standard and Doc M specifications.

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